Dec. 22nd, 2008

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I love Kristin Bauer. There's a great radio interview with her here and she talks about Alex a bit. She mentions that Alex is very funny (along with Anna and Stephan) and they have heaps of fun together. She also talked about the Swedish line in episode 4, and how in was actually written into the script and Alexander asked her if she knew what the line was suppose to be, and she said Cambodian? (she had just been in Asia), to which he told her no it's Swedish but thanks for the help. He had to then proceed to go to the director and ask him, to which they said they thought it meant..., to which Alexander had to tell them it actually meant something along the lines of "Car. Zoo. Man. Running". He of course fixed it and then had to come up with a line for Kristin which she could learn quick. Kristin said she thought she did an awesome job but Alexander just kept laughing and later after seeing the episode told her she sounded like a Russian prostitute. Also remember the horrible skateboard Fangtasia escape? )

Also my family needs to stay away from the Duty Free place. Last time my brother went to pick up his watch and I ended up getting new sunglasses, and my Dad for a HD Sony Handycam. This time my brother went to pick up a camera lens he ordered and I got a new Sony Cybershot camera (DSLR aren't always very practical). I had trouble choosing which I wanted, there was one that was more expensive that took HD (1080x720) video, while I thought the other one looked nicer (it was cheaper too). I really wanted the cheaper one, but in the end I decided to get the other one because it had better features and I didn't want to regret one day not getting one that takes much better video (the cheaper one was like 640x400, or something like that).

I leave for Singapore and Malaysia in less than a week!! I still have like a billion things that need to be done!!


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