Dec. 24th, 2008

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[ profile] meggan_2004 I got your Christmas Card today! I had to show my Mum the inside because I couldn't read Chinese part, LOL. I also got a card from my friend, I thought it was a little odd when she asked for my address the other day via SMS, LOL. Oh and my copies of Om Sara and The Last Drop came too (once again Alex looks very good in uniform), I've only flipped through both but, oh my... Alexander is in various states of undress and hotness in Om Sara.

My Paid time officially ran out today. I've told myself I won't renew till after I get back from my trip since my time on LJ probably would be limited anyway, so I won't be using it much then anyway. All was fine, I'm getting use to not seeing my layout when I post a reply in my LJ (though I get confused to which LJ I am posting to) and only having 6 icons. Then I make two new Alexander icons... and LJ won't let me upload them! I've got 111 of 6 uploaded, so I thought, maybe if I delete the 6 LJ picked for me from the 111 I can upload them, but no. It just adds another 2 from the existing 111. GAH and I don't want to have to delete all my icons so I can upload the 2 new ones *sigh*.


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